Bilde av Rakel Kristin Kanestrøm


There is a time for everything. Rakel Kristin Kanestrøm turned 53 before she attended her initial visual art studies at Nydalen Kunstskole in 2019. In 2022, she will complete a 3-year visual arts education. 

Kanestrøm already has a scientific education with a PhD in Engineering Cybernetics, and work experiences  as associate professor in process control, as chief engineer in the oil and gas industry, as well as board work. Kanestrøm explores a broad range of holistic health theories. She has a special interest in the correlation between life circumstances and illnesses, genetics, and the Chinese Feng Shui. Her main interest is the exploration of consciousness. This lends a spiritual touch to her artistic works. 

Kanestrøm lives in Bergen, Norway.

Artist Statement

The word Reflections describes well what I want to convey on paper and canvases. My earliest paintings manifested as half-figurative, with several layers making up the surface. Lately I have gone more figurative. I work primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, using various tools – knife, trowel, brush, paper etc. During my ongoing studies, charcoal and ink have entered my toolkit.
I create the paintings by putting together elements from my own life, enlarging and amplifying and I like to let the objects float in the loose air. Some will probably observe that I am inspired by the beauty of mathematics. I am also inspired by words – both the written and the spoken.
Despite the turmoil the composition can sometimes create, I try to convey an overall calm. My unusual juxtaposition of elements invites viewers to reflect on their own lives and what is.

I also make limited edition giclée prints. These may be inspired by a portion of my larger works, which are then processed further – on a computer, with paint, or in any other creative way – to make the resulting giclée print. 

-Rakel Kristin Kanestrøm

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