Coaching on the Wall

Og mannen ville fra nissen flytte,
men reisen ble ham til ingen nytte,
for høyt på vognlasset nissen lo:
Jeg tror vi flytter i dag, vi to,
jeg tror vi flytter i dag, vi to.
(Norwegian Children’s rhyme)

The Norwegian rhyme above is directly related to the Norwegian title of this painting displayed in the picture: Nissene på lasset. A direct translation has been difficult, and the English  title The thorns in your side is very different from the Norwegian. But it is the closest I came to describe the same meaning. It is all about a continues or recurring problem you have. The expression actually stems from The Bible: … in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh…  (2 Corinthians 12:7). It may be perceived as a negative loaded title, but I find it quite humorous aswell.

Anyway, it is fascinating how different people perceive the same picture! Even the colours are perceived differently! And in abstract art, we often look for a figurative meaning and end up with a total different story than our friends do. I earlier came to the conclusion – and also got the same advice from other artists – not to try to explain my paintings to the audience. But now I am going to give you some clues anyway. You should not continue to read this section if you are afraid to distort your own unique perception of my painting.

To me the circular objects give planetary associations, and set the mood for an existential perspective. In the middle of the left area you will find the idea of an old tractor, and in the middle section of the painting there are several figures consisting of a red woolen cap and a long white beard. These figures are meant to be seen as the traditional Norwegian nisser which may be perceived as gnomes, and together with the tractor they set the stage of a farm as contained in the above  rhyme. A nisse is often associated with problems in your life, and the rhyme is about a man that decides to move away from his farm to get rid of his troublesome nisse. But unfortunately the nisse follows him on top of the moving loads. 

Some people paint as therapy. But a painting on your wall – painted by another person – may also serve as therapy or coaching for you. This is why I named this article Coaching on the wall. Your experience of the painting reflects who you are, and can hang on your wall as a reminder of what is important for you to focus on right now. Take for instance this painting The Thorns in Your Side. We all have our thorns. Maybe it is time to meet them head on and accept what is, instead of trying to escape?

This artwork may of course have a total different meaning to you. I would love to get your feedback! Please message me or leave a note on Facebook or Instagram.

This painting is currently not available for sale as I have decided to do some changes. To have a look at my available paintings, go to the Paintings page.