Gallery M15 Art Exhibition

Ten art students at Nydalen Kunstskole exhibits works at Gallery M15 in Oslo from this year’s main projects . A broad range of topics are covered, described by the following headlines:

  • Etter livet (After Life), by Jørn Pettersen Ferstl
  • Rommet (The Room),  by Brita Gustavsen
  • Skissearbeid portrett (Portrait Sketch Work), by Linn Heimdal
  • Savn og perspektiv (Missing and Perspective), by Marita Denis Hesse
  • Det beste i livet (The Best in Life), by Rakel Kristin Kanestrøm
  • Lys og skygger på hud (Light and Shadows on Skin), by Kjersti M. Lyche
  • Trærne i byen (The trees of the city), by Linda Lægreid
  • Das Schweigen/Stillheten (The Silence), by Anita Renée Seifert
  • Biodanza (Biodanza), by Perla Felicia Gómez Suárez
  • Armene i kors (Arms Crossed), by Ute Schumacher

Opening hours August 10 –  15, 2021 are:

Tuesday 18:00 – 20:00 Welcome to Vernissage
Wednesday-Saturday 12:00 – 20:00
Sunday 12:00 – 18:00

Address: Majorstuveien 15, Oslo

A few words about the artists:

Jørn Pettersen Ferstl
Jørn is a jeweler who designs unique jewelry to customers all over the country. Now he also wants to express himself through painting. His work at the exhibition originates from a dream where he was shown his own exit from this life.

Brita Gustavsen
Brita has worked in care professions for many years, but also has exotic artistic work experiences from a 14 years stay in Dubai. Her project at this exhibition has been to develop her own artistic expression playing with colors and new approaches. 

Linn Heimdal
Linn is a graphic designer that after years working on computers feels the desire to work more hands on. Her project this spring has focused on facial expressions – a study using only pencil, and a study that has developed her ability to really see more.

Marita Denis Hesse
Marita lives in Sweden and has been inspired by the Carola Kastman style. The result is a collection with rough expressions on thick canvas which she presented from rocks in the Swedish archipelago in June. In this exhibition we will be able to touch the work – an important part of the experience.

Rakel Kristin Kanestrøm
Rakel has put her scientific  background behind and is now exploring different  approaches in the visual arts as an outlet for her creative energy. This spring the focus has been on pigments, complementary colors and the grey scale. The result is a mountainscape  painted using only two transparent pigments plus opaque white.

Kjersti M. Lyche
Kjersti is a bioengineer with MSc in cell- and molecular biology and a side job as cartoonist. This spring she has studied light and shadows on skin, using both colors and lines to make illustrations applying acrylic paint, charcoal, pen, etc.

Linda Lægreid
Linda is a psychologist that loves nature. She has studied the city trees in Oslo, by walking around – taking photos and notes, audio recordings and sketches – looked, thought and stood still. In her paintings she has attempted to catch the shapes and silhouettes, perceived moods and the feeling of living standstill.

Anita Renée Seifert
Anita has a broad background and education from the visual arts, and is heading towards more time for painting. Her main project this spring has been a playful and patient approach to express the burdensome silence she experienced around her family history as a child, represented by a tiny little childhood photo of her father and some relatives. 

Perla Felicia Gómez Suárez
Perla is a Biodanza instructor, and Biodanza is also her theme for the main project this spring. Biodanza is stress release through combining music, movement and the expression of emotion. Perla has chosen to investigate the use of watercolor, resulting in  colorful and energetic paintings on paper.

Ute Schumacher
Ute is from Germany, and drawing and color has always been an important part of her leisure time. She is fascinated by our different perception of body language, and this spring she has focused on crossed arms. She has studied how different materials, techniques and formats affect the expression and mood in the painting.


You find a link to the Facebook arrangement here: Galleri M15 Kunstutstilling