Solo Exhibition in Bergen 2016

Hole in The Wall

In March 2016 I hosted a solo exhibition at my residence – 6 paintings and 24 giclées, many of which found new owners. This was actually my way of marking me turning 50. The title of the exhibition was Hull i muren in Norwegian, which is Hole in The Wall in English. It was named after one of my first paintings which I see as an illustration to remind me of how different we perceive reality. For instance, you can view the world through glasses of fear, or you can choose to view the world through love. When we see that, we can choose to move through the holes in the wall between those realities. 

Big thanks to all the visitors to my exhibition! It was also really encouraging with the good sales!

The painting shown in the heading picture – one of my very first paintings ever – is named Hole in the Wall. To view available paintings, go to the Paintings page.